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Our new shop is all about customizing accessories and paper goods. Read below about our story and journey that led us to where we are today.

our story

In 2003 there were only 5 or so letterpress companies around. So Tru and I learned how to print on the antique machines and did our first tradeshow. At the time we had no capital and couldn't even afford flooring or a proper booth. However our raw, industrial look worked!

our stationery

This was the suitcase I used to take around samples when visiting stores or editorial offices. My first visit was to Lucky Magazine during a snowstorm.

our wedding

In 2006 our wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and that started us off into the world of custom design. Since we met in the 4th grade, our theme was a vintage school style.

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how we met

it all started in 1983, in the fourth grade…

Minhee was new in her class. She asked her mom to bring in some cupcakes to celebrate her summer birthday during the last day of school. So her mother came and with delight and started serving Minhee's birthday treats. To Minhee's dismay, they were not the cupcakes she asked for. All the kids started to make fun of the traditional Korean treats that Minhee's mom brought. However, there was one boy named Truman that just so loved the Korean treats. He saw that Minhee felt sad and decided to eat as much as he can. He thanked Minhee's mom and continued to fill his tiny stomach. 

It must be true that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach!  Fast forward 30+ years the couple now live with their son in Brooklyn, NY. 


    By Minhee Cho; Vane Broussard; Jaine M. Kershner (Photographer); Styling Michelle Edgemont Design
    October 13, 2015

    In this candy-colored guide, Vané Broussard (founder of Brooklyn Bride) and Minhee Cho (of Paper+Cup Design) team up to present hundreds of entirely modern style ideas for every aspect of a wedding, in eight eye-catching and vibrant color palettes. Simple DIYs will spark creativity while interviews with industry experts provide important insider info.


    By Minhee and Truman Cho with Randi Brookman Harris (stylist), Johnny Miller (Photographer)
    September 2010

    25 unique paper projects: vintage-inspired frames, hanging bird mobiles, pretty flower hair clips, personalized place cards, and many more. Each project is presented in a few easy, illustrated steps—all crafters need to get started is paper, scissors, glue, and a dash of creativity.


    More fun projects designing stationery products and invites.

    past partial client list

    Urban Outfitters
    Neiman Marcus
    Free People
    West Elm
    ECI New York
    Chronicle Books
    Paperless Post

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